New video link for the full 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

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 Anonymous: Thank you for defending Taylor. I feel like everyone's just been bashing her but it isn't all her fault. They should have told her where to stand at times so she didn't get into the angles/models shots. But it's not just her who had that problem, a lot of performers in the past have done that so it makes me think it's not them it's directing. Plus cameras span the entire stage at the end of runway so there's no where to hide either.

Oh it’s no problem at all, dear! 

While I do think that too much focus is put on the performers, I’m well aware that it isn’t the performer’s fault. They don’t operate the cameras or block stage movement. They don’t sit in the editing room comparing shots and cutting them together. The female performers don’t even pick their own outfits. (Historically, Todd Thomas and the VS design team have created their outfits for them) All they do is show up and sing, just like they were hired to do.

People keep bashing Taylor when they should really be blaming the people at VS. If they didn’t want her up front and center with several close-ups and two performances and walking up and down the runway, it wouldn’t have made the show. That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.

 Anonymous: I looked as though Taylor was trying to be an angel instead of a performer and I don't know about anyone else but it really annoyed me


That actually annoyed a lot of people, so you definitely aren’t alone.
The Snow Angels segment had so much potential to be absolute perfection. The outfits and the model line-up was flawless, but I felt like Taylor Swift ruined the segment with her awkward movements, and interacting too much with the models, very much to the point where it took attention away from them. The song choice also didn’t work, but VS are obviously at fault for that because Taylor Swift just performed the song that she was asked to sing. 

Just to give my two cents as well, some photos of the outfit board showed Taylor’s British Invasion dress in with all the model’s outfits. (I haven’t personally seen if her Snow Angels dress was also on the board or not.)

I don’t think she was trying to be an angel. The VS showrunners wanted her to “walk” so it was choreographed into the show. I don’t disagree at all that it took attention away from the models but I don’t think that’s Taylor’s fault. I would bet anything that she merely did as she was told to earn her paycheck.

~ For anon ~ HQs of Behati in her outfit from the 2013 Holiday commercial + Victoria Fragrance commercial

+ Screencaps from the Victoria Fragrance commercial
+ Paparazzi photos of the 2013 Holiday commercial

I found a few gifs as well but I didn’t make them so I won’t repost them. If I get some time, I might make my own. 

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 Anonymous: Do you have a still or gif of behati from the vs holiday commercial, where she's wearing a leather jacket? thanks!!

I don’t have any gifs but I do have some photos!

To be posted soon~

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ~ Full Show

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Links to all the segments in this year’s fashion show


*I’m waiting for a Parisian Nights segment to be uploaded. I’ll update this post once it’s up!

 Anonymous: Might just be me, but I feel like Little Mix could have been chosen over Neon Jungle..


I thought that to. If you’re going to get a British girl group, wouldn’t you go for the one who people actually know?

I think probably because “Wings” is their most famous song and VS used it last year during the “Candice” segment? Maybe.

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 Anonymous: Wow , there was a really beautiful fashionshow ever ! I love the moment thai Constance walks out with a beautiful wings - When Magdalena walking close the runway , and my worst moment is Cara's pose .OK I knew she's really cute but her pose in Parisian Night was really terrible .. and look on finale - gosh she just like goes crazyyy :D

I agree completely! I’m smitten with Constance and I think Magda was a good choice to close the show even if a little part of me does wish an Angel would have closed.

And agreed about Cara’s Parisian Nights pose. It was just not good. Sorry to all the Cara lovers but it is only the truth! She looked much better in British Invasion. I haven’t decided if I love or hate her in the finale yet. I’ll keep you all posted once I make up my mind. ;)


LOL Cara!

This girl! I don’t know if I love it or hate it!

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 Anonymous: I was so disappointed they didn't do a segment on the fantasy bra with Candice :( they did one with Miranda! After all the promotions they did of the fantasy bra with Candice, I expected more

True! Last year Ale got a little mention about wearing the Fantasy Bra but nothing this year! I think maybe because it opened the show. 

I did enjoy the segments they did this year though. They usually don’t talk to anyone who isn’t an official Angel but this year we got Cara talking in one segment and a whole discussion about Lais falling during rehearsals last year. I really liked that. And seeing her cry during fittings because she was excited about getting to open a segment was really special.

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 mrsnayarivera: Lily, Cara, Karlie and Candice were my faves this year!! Loveddd Lilys walk and her and Karlies final outfits! And all four look fab!!

Lily doesn’t get enough love! She held the pre-show together and her walk has improved sooo much over the past few years! Her and Taylor Swift walking together was a great moment.

Thanks for sharing! :)

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 candycaneboxers: Cara and Behati are tied for my favorite. Doutzen's walk tho <3 Adriana in Parisian nights. Parisian nights was my favorite segment. :D

Mmm yes! Behati was looking amazing! And Doutzen of course was incredible! Red is definitely Adriana’s color. Nobody opens a segment like she can. 

Thanks for sharing!

Oh my god, Cara in the finale walk. How is this girl real? And why did they put that in the final cut of the show?

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